Threat hunting reinvented.

Hunters is the world’s first autonomous hunting solution that leverages top-tier cyber expertise and AI to uncover hidden cyber threats.

Expose the invisible

Hunters.AI’s cybersecurity experts have developed the world’s first AI-driven threat hunting technology. This platform exposes stealth attackers in their initial attempt to penetrate your organization’s perimeter so you can respond before they reach your most sensitive assets.

Cutting-Edge Hunting Techniques

Access the latest hunting methods developed by nation-state level cyber experts, all with this autonomous platform. 

Autonomous Protection

Hunters provides a fully automated hunting machine that continuously searches for breaches and provides high-fidelity, context-rich attack stories with forensic insights into attack location, path, target, and impact.

Leverage Your Environment

Hunters seamlessly connects and analyzes your live data feed from existing multidimensional sources without duplicating your data, installing agents, or running scanners.

Your Secret Hunting Weapon

Your Data







Autonomous Hunting technology

Autonomous Hunting technology

Hunting Experts

Hunting Experts

Actionable Threat

Risk Analysis

Events Timeline

Recommended Actions

Hunters.AI identified the attack in minutes. In my 20 years in security, I have not seen anything as effective, fast and with high fidelity as what Hunters can do.”

Mario Durate,
VP of Security at Snowflake Computing

No attack is perfect.

Let us show you how Hunters can leverage your existing tools, machine learning algorithms, and nation-state level cyber expertise to uncover breaches as they occur.

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