Autonomous Threat Hunting

Hunters.AI, the first autonomous threat hunting solution, scales expert threat hunting techniques and finds cyberattacks that bypass existing security solutions

Expose the Invisible

Hunters.AI autonomously cross-correlates events, logs, and static data from every organizational data source and security control telemetry, revealing hidden cyber threats in the modern enterprise, at last

Data without Barriers

Data without Barriers

Leverage your existing data to find threats that bypass security controls, on all: cloud, network, endpoints.
Hunters.AI synthesizes terabytes of raw organizational data, cohesively analyzing and detecting attacks

Autonomous Threat Hunting

Autonomous Threat Hunting

Hunt threats at scale. Hunters.AI extracts TTP-based threat signals and cross-correlates them using an AI correlation graph. Hunters’ threat research team continuously streams attack intelligence, enabling Hunters.AI to constantly turn your data into attack knowledge

Detailed Attack Story

Bottom Line Attack Story

Respond to findings, not alerts. Hunters.AI provides high fidelity attack detection stories, significantly reducing SOC response times. Get a full business summary, as well as hunting quests insights: timeline, path, target, context 

Threat Hunting Made Feasible

Use Hunters.AI to Automatically Detect Threats Across all Attack Surfaces

Cloud-Based Data Connectors

Hunters.AI connects to your existing data sources, wherever they lie, using restful APIs, Syslog, SIEM, cloud storage connections, and more.

Wide Attack Detection Coverage

Hunters.AI covers every attack surface, providing domain-specific expertise.

Threat Leads

Hunters.AI extracts relevant threat signals by infusing raw organizational data with its unique TTP-based attack intelligence, as well as MITRE’s modeled techniques.

Autonomous Attack Investigation

Hunters.AI scores threat signals and intelligently correlates them using the Hunters’ Correlation Graph.

Attack Stories

Hunters.AI provides bottom-line attack stories which include: timeline, location, path, context, target and potential impact.

Hunters.AI for the Modern CISO

Reduce Response Time

Expedite detection and response through automation. Use Hunters.AI to face against attack efficacy and the scarcity in cyber-adversary expertise. While SOC processes remain analyst-centric, attack detection cannot and should not afford the wait.

Empower your SOC

Hunters.AI high fidelity attack stories enable security teams to work with concrete findings. Use Hunters.AI’ interconnected threat analysis to rise above threat telemetry noise and manual processes; empower SOC teams to better strategize and deliver.

Foster Automation & Innovation

Organizational data is exponentially growing, in all: volume, velocity, and variety. Cyber attackers take advantage of this “noise”, and so should you. Utilize artificial intelligence to become proactive, move much faster, and embrace every bit of data. Now is the time to do it at scale.

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