Assume Detection.

Hunters is an open, knowledge-powered XDR solution that automates threat hunting expertise for context-rich correlations across endpoint, network, and cloud.

Expose Attacks before they turn to Breaches

Cyber attackers don’t cover their tracks anymore, they blend in.
Hunters’ XDR detects threats and correlates them across a multitude of surfaces, providing SOC teams with a technological leap in detection and response, at last.

Data without Barriers

Detect Missed Attacks

Hunters’ XDR uses TTP-based detectors to spot potential attack signals across surfaces, including “noisy” and weak signals, and automatically investigates those.

Autonomous Threat Hunting

Move at the Attacker's Pace

Access expert hunting content, detection capabilities, and investigation playbooks on a daily basis. Stay up to speed with the latest attack techniques to stop breaches at root.
Detailed Attack Story

Speed Detection & Response

Analyze petabytes of organizational data into definite findings. Hunters uses ML to autonomously enrich, investigate and correlate threat signals with existing detections, expediting SOC workflows.

Knowledge-Powered XDR

Use Hunters’ XDR to Automatically Detect Threats Across all Attack Surfaces

Raw Events

Hunters.AI connects to your existing data sources, wherever they lie, using restful APIs, Syslog, SIEM, cloud storage connections, and more.

Potential Threat Signals

Hunters’ TTP-based detectors surface all potential attack signals, including weak/benign-looking activities

Prioritized Threat Signals

Hunters.AI’s ML-based, autonomous investigations extract features and entities around a specific activity, query, and score them to prioritize threat signals

Actionable Attack Stories

Hunters.AI correlates prioritized threat signals across attack surfaces, and delivers high fidelity findings via actionable attack stories. These include: timeline, location, path, context, target and potential impact.

Hunters' XDR: Technology Built for SOC

Take your Stack Forward

Utilize existing data sources and security solutions on endpoint, network, and cloud, to extend attack coverage and streamline detection & response. Hunters connects to existing data to detect overlooked threats and connect the dots between siloed areas of the organization.

Switch On Proactive Detection

Access fully automated threat hunting capabilities to accurately detect more threats across the enterprise, without additional team members, or agents. Hunters searches petabytes of data for attack techniques and delivers high fidelity, actionable findings to SOC.

Hunt Threats with Ease

Threat hunters can implement and automate their hunting thesis with a consolidated threat hunting platform. Hunters provides threat hunting teams with off-the-shelf automatic investigations and lets them connect their own detection logics into Hunters’ proprietary threat graph.

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