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Silver Sparrow – A New Dawn of macOS Malware

Last week, a malware dubbed “Silver Sparrow” was discovered by Red Canary. The malware targets macOS machines with either x86 or M1 chips. Silver Sparrow installations were found in approximately 30K macOS endpoints across 153 countries, mainly the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany, a fact that could indicate a large-scale campaign. Hunters’ security research…

Tackling Detection Models' Explainability with SHAP

Tackling Detection Models’ Explainability with SHAP

Introduction At Hunters we aim to detect threat actors hiding in our customers’ assets. In order to do so, Hunters’ platform autonomously analyzes security logs to search for various types of information: IOCs from threat intel feeds, signatures of malicious behaviour based on a variety of TTPs, or anomalies in the data that could potentially…

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